Are these Retro ’88 Black Cement III’s releasing this year?


We just passed one of the most hyped releases of 2013 when the Air Jordan ’88 White Cement III released earlier last week. The shoe sold out quick, and now re-sellers prices are almost through the roof. With 1988 being such an influential year in Jordans lustrous career, the Air Jordan III becomes one of the most popular Air Jordans of all time.

During a special segment on SportsCenter earlier this afternoon, ESPN was paying homage to Jordans upcoming 50th Birthday with a segment on Air Jordans. During the segment, @EloyGarcia84 caught this screen cap of what could be another hyped release set for this year, the ’88 Black Cement III.

While there is no official word on a release yet, it only makes sense that Jordan Brand would release the Black Cement III again with the Nike logo on the back to compliment it’s release last week.

Is this retro ’88 Black Cement III something you would cop if released? Let us know, and as always stay tuned to GoodDeedSS for more information on this release.

Props to Eloy Garica & Modern-Notoriety

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