FinishLine drops a Jordan restock out of nowhere…


If you were up earlier than noon today, you might have caught the surprising FinishLine restock that hit the internet today.

After the highly popular yet frustrating Jordan III “88” release yesterday, FinishLine decided to drop a good amount of retro Jordans from the past year.

Included in the heavy restock was:

-Thunder IV

-Cement IV

-Bred IV

-Olympic VII

-Playoff XII

-Bred XIII

Was this restock to show us that FinishLine does care about our online release problems? It could be as many people had trouble getting the ’88s in their cart yesterday and they took their frustrations out on FinishLine via Twitter. 

More recently however we have seen FinishLine give us a nice restock here or there, so to some people it wasn’t that big of a surprise. The Cyber Monday restock of the Concord XI was a surprise to many people and a nice treat to those who missed out on the popular shoe the first time. Other times it has been restocks on retro models just hours after the original link was posted.

There is plenty of good news that comes with restocks like this. Not only do you have the chance to grab a shoe you couldn’t get when it first released, but this whole slew of restocks is helping damper resellers motives.

With restocks like this, resellers don’t become an option to people. Which in all helps eliminate that aspect of the game.

Will we see anymore restocks like this from FinishLine? It’s possible and I wouldn’t be surprised if we do. Stay tuned to GoodDeedss for more information if a restock does happen.

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